Elijah Norton Robocall King
Elijah Norton King of the Robocall Rip-Off

It is estimated that Americans received a collective 12 billion vehicle warranty scam calls in 2021. These calls are not only deceptive, they’re illegal. Elijah Norton faces multiple lawsuits for robocalls peddling his vehicle warranty scams, including an $8 million federal lawsuit. Here’s what the plaintiffs said about Norton’s robocall practices.

“The purpose of the enterprise was to promote and derive revenues, cash flow or profits from illegally making autodialed and prerecorded calls to vulnerable persons
- Quiat v. CarGuard Administration, 8/6/21

“The acts and/or omissions of Defendant were done unfairly, unlawfully, intentionally, deceptively and fraudulently
- Starling v. CarGuard Administration, 8/18/21

“CarGuard was knowingly and actively accepting the business that originated through illegal telemarketing calls
- Barrett v. CarGuard, 4/16/20

“Defendants’ acts as described above were done with malicious, intentional, willful, reckless, wanton and negligent disregard for Plaintiff’s rights under the law and with the purpose of harassing the Plaintiff”
- Traylor v. CarGuard Administration, 1/28/21

Americans are constantly pressured by deceptive robocalls conceived by Norton and his fellow big-money car warranty profiteers. Let’s Reject Serial Harasser Elijah Norton, a self-serving businessman who hassles Arizonans daily to enrich himself.