Car Warranty Scam Artist
Elijah Norton Car Warranty Scam Artist

The purveyor of bogus car warranties, Elijah Norton, made his fortune swindling vulnerable consumers. These so-called “extended warranties” are typically not a warranty but a service contract that costs thousands of dollars with fine print tricks. Defrauded Americans from around the country are weighing in on Norton’s phony warranties.

A total rip off I have be scammed by this company do not buy this extended warranty you will be rip off.”
- Cleo Forward, Feb 2022

“CARGUARD IS A SCAM that used my 17yr old son and took his money knowing they would never cover his claim!”
– Shelly Senger, Jan 2022

Scammers scammers scammers!!! Denied my claim.”
- Jennifer, Sept 2021

“All they do is collect your money and then deny your claim. Great hustle Carguard.”
- Brein Breezy Christian, Aug 2021

BEWARE! DO NOT BUY A POLICY FROM THIS COMPANY! SCAM! You will pay thousands of dollars and be told you are getting the best warranty but you are really being scammed.”
- Nadiya Jakse, April 2021

Elijah Norton has left a trail of victims from his vehicle warranty scams. These include seniors, minors, and those struggling to make ends meet. It is time to stand up for the vulnerable in our community and Reject Opportunist Elijah Norton.